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7 ways of how personalised packaging can make your brand stand out


Personalised packaging is a way to attract more customers and gain a competitive advantage. Thanks to customization, brands can influence customer decisions and devise emotional triggers to make clients relate to the goals and values of the company.

There are many ways to make your brand stand out with personalised packaging boxes. To help you navigate, the packaging experts of Packlion summed all the information up in one single resource.

Read our article and see how your business can benefit from personalised packaging.

What is personalised packaging?

Personalised packaging is custom packaging, tailored to your client’s needs and your brand’s requirements. The design process in personalised box packaging is very flexible and depends on many factors. But the one thing all custom solutions have in common is they are created to be unique and stand out from competitor products. 

The process of creating this type of packaging goes through the intensive processes of brainstorming, engineering, design, mockup, and final assessment. All these steps ensure the personalised packaging boxes would turn out perfectly.

Details like your logo, brand colours, certain shapes, elements and images that represent your brand have to be included in the design. That would make your personalised packaging easy to distinguish and identify.

There are many perks to getting your packaging personalised. Keep on reading to learn more about the key benefits of custom packaging for your business.

7 ways personalised packaging makes your brand stand out

1. Adds on unique experience

If there is one type of product packaging that provides a memorable user experience, that is personalised packaging. Thanks to viral customization techniques, you can tell a compelling story, add a bit of unanticipated mystery or make the unboxing process an adventure with sensory stimulation.

The material, the coating, the colours, the fonts, the visuals, even the smell of packaging boxes could intrigue and create a unique experience for customers. People are easily stimulated by what they see, touch and feel. So if you manage to trigger an emotional response towards your packaging, the experience will be associated with the product as well

2. Shows your brand’s personality

We also have to mention that customer loyalty comes with the ability to recognize a certain brand’s products. So when the packaging is personalised, it triggers an emotional response. As a result, clients become more open to re-purchasing products in the future.

Personalised packaging unravels your brand personality. It accurately shows what you stand for and what steps you take to make the world a better place. And very often, these qualities are exactly what makes people seek you out.

With that in mind, personalised packaging boxes should always be socially relatable. They need to highlight all the best features of your products and declare your company values openly. The more transparent you are, the more clients would be drawn to your brand. 

3. Creates social media buzz

You can use personalised packaging as a way to generate viral brand content or even inspire client content. To do that, you need to create an interesting, bizarre or unusual packaging design that wows people. 

The statement accent of your packaging could be a visual image, text, colour scheme, box functionality, or even an add-on feature. With custom packaging, there are way too many opportunities to think out of the box. 

Once you know what the highlight of your packaging would be, you can start creating unboxing videos or other relevant content for social media. That way, you get to keep the interest of existing and grab the attention of potential clients. Eventually, your customers would start posting about your brand and even create free promotional content for you.

4 You can use sustainable materials

Employ eco-friendly materials to elevate personalised packaging. As good and as influential the design is, nothing speaks about sustainability louder than using renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials. 

Taking steps towards waste reduction, lessening carbon footprint and promoting nature’s well-being is a very strong purchase motivator for eco-conscious customers. That makes sustainable packaging an effective way to attract new clients and boost brand loyalty. 

5. Shows customers you understand their needs

Packaging has become a vital part of the customer experience. So if you want people to connect and relate with your brand, you need to find exactly what makes your target audience click. Understanding customer needs and preferences and using that knowledge to create personalised packaging designs is key to establishing a long-term relationship with your clients.

6. You can make use of additional inserts

Add-ons are some of the biggest perks of personalised packaging because they are organicallyincreasing client loyalty. Basically, you add extra items to customer shipments to surprise them and enhance their experience. At the end of the day, everybody loves gifts and freebies and wants to feel appreciated.

Some of the most common additional inserts for personalised box packaging are small gifts, branded merch, discount cards, and product samples. But even a small handwritten thank you card could leave a positive long-lasting impression. 

7.  Ideal for subscription products

Subscription products are items, sent out on a monthly basis to payable subscribers with specific needs and interests. Due to the nature of the shipments, personalised packaging is one of the best solutions for subscription boxes and bundles. 

In subscription model businesses, customers state what they want to receive each month and brands prepare their custom orders. It only makes sense to have these orders shipped in custom boxes as well. Because receiving the same package each month would become a bit boring after a while. Keeping clients interested and excited to see what they would receive next is a way better approach, right?