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8 main advantages of kraft candle boxes for businesses


8 main advantages of kraft candle boxes for businesses

Switching to kraft candle boxes is one of the best decisions you can make for your candle business! Kraft boxes are the perfect packaging for this type of product and have so many great benefits for your brand, your clients, and the environment, that after you read our article, it would seem odd that you haven’t made the switch earlier.

Keep on reading to learn more about the 8 main advantages of why kraft candle boxes are a perfect choice for any candle-making brand.

What is kraft paper?

Kraft paper is a slick brown wrapping paper produced from chemical pulp (mainly sulfate wood pulp). Its most stand-out qualities are high durability, course, elasticity, and tear resistance and vastly increases product protection. 

In general, kraft paper is way stronger than normal paper, as it has less lignin content and does not go through the process of bleaching. So if you are looking for a strong alternative to plastic or glass containers and cardboard boxes, kraft candle boxes are just what your business needs.

Kraft paper is made from a renewable resource, so it is eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, and processing it uses fewer chemicals and less electricity. Moreover, since it is quite lightweight compared to traditional packaging, it also lowers shipping costs for the business and reduces the carbon footprint from transportation.

8 main advantages of kraft candle boxes

Great packaging increases sales, lowers business expenses, attracts new clients, and has minimal negative effects on climate and nature. And this is what kraft candle boxes are all about. In the next few paragraphs, Packlion will share everything that makes this type of packaging superior to other custom candle packaging alternatives.

1. Eco-friendly

Custom candle boxes made of kraft paper are fully eco-friendly. As we already discussed, the wonder material ticks all sustainability checkboxes and will take your brand on the right path to make a difference and change the world one candle box at a time.

Eco-friendliness is probably the biggest advantage of kraft candle boxes, as they improve a brand’s reputation, attract more eco-aware customers, and protect the environment at the same time. 

Some of the environmental issues that can be solved or positively affected by using kraft material for your candle packaging are excessive waste, carbon footprint, toxic emissions, climate change, water pollution, and more.

2. Affordable

Kraft candle boxes are very affordable, attainable, and cost-efficient. Hence you do not need to go overboard with your budget or pay more than you would have with traditional packaging. 

Not only are kraft boxes real cheap to produce, but they are also quite inexpensive to ship and transport due to their lightweight and foldable qualities. That is good news for candle makers because breaking the bank for their packaging needs is out of the question. Instead, they get to save on logistics and storage costs.

3. Convenient for shipping purposes

Custom candle boxes made of kraft paper are cheap and extra convenient to store and transport. They are light and can fold flat until they reach you. And once you package your candles you can ship them to your clients without worrying about packaging stenght, high transportation fees, and the shipping footprint.

4. Easy to customize

Another advantage of kraft candle boxes is the customization possibility. Custom candle boxes are what makes a brand recognizable and unique, so every business in the field has to find packaging that can meet their tailoring and design needs. Well, look no further than kraft containers. 

The material is extra easy to mold and shape into different forms, and sizes, as well as effortless to print on. That means you would be able to create a unique unboxing experience and adapt your design to match your and your clients' expectations with ease.

5. Durability

If you are looking for durable custom candle boxes, then kraft candle boxes will exceed your strength expectations. Kraft paper will protect your items and keep them safe from severe exterior damage. The strong material has high durability and tear resistance, so you do not need to worry about any external factors or potential deterioration. 

6. Easy to print on 

Kraft candle boxes are also super easy to print on. That means you can use almost any type of printing machinery and method, and any type of ink (chemical or plant-based), which opens the door to even more customization possibilities for your packaging. This is a huge opportunity to successfully execute your product packaging strategy and make any candle box design a reality.

7. Aesthetics

The aesthetics of your custom candle boxes are extremely important to how people view your products and brand, and how much they are drawn to make a purchase. A great way to improve the design aesthetically is by upgrading your candle packaging with an easy-to-customize and eco-friendly material like kraft. On top of that, kraft candle boxes tend to lure more eco-oriented clients and make your packaging look professional and more attractive in general.

8. Great for gifting

Lastly, we want to mention that kraft candle boxes are wonderful for gifting. Candles in general are some of the most popular types of gifts, so it is important to have packaging that can be present-wrapped and embellished with party ribbons easily. By ensuring that, you will be a step closer to becoming a go-to candle brand for personal gifts.

Are you ready to reap all these benefits of kraft candle boxes and elevate your product packaging? Packlion can help you bring the best of your candle business with custom boxes that tick all the boxes when it comes to uniqueness and eco-friendliness.

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