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What are sustainable materials and why your business needs to care?


What are sustainable materials and why your business needs to care?

More and more businesses are striving to become eco-responsible and slowly begin to adopt sustainable practices. If you are not sure where to start but are eager to make a change, a great first step would be a switch from conventional plastics to sustainable materials in your packaging efforts. 

Utilizing sustainable packaging is a wonderful way for your brand to stand against climate change, air pollution, waste generation, and other pressing environmental problems. It would also put you in a favorable position with eco-responsible clients.

Read our article and see why this sustainability trend is a win-win situation for everyone.

What are sustainable materials?

Sustainable materials are either recyclable, biodegradable, or both. These materials are coming from renewable resources, they are all-natural and do not contain any hazardous chemicals. That deems them as completely safe, eliminating risks for human health and the environment. Another great quality of sustainable materials is they minimize waste and lower company footprint. 

Why is using sustainable materials important for your business?

Social responsibility

Sustainable brands are all about social responsibility. Sustainability speaks loudly against social injustice, unfair working conditions, labor exploitation, and child labor. At the same time, businesses have a moral responsibility to preserve natural resources and protect the environment to ensure the well-being of future generations.

Caring about the environment and its forthcoming is important. Because acting irresponsibly as a business and avoiding sustainability is going to have devastating effects on the planet. Even if we do not see these effects right now. 

Since they have a way greater impact on nature than individuals, it is up to businesses to take necessary steps towards eco-friendliness. And that is also the reason why customers expect businesses to be eco-responsible.

Material sourcing, manufacturing processes, transportation, use of resources, water and electricity usage, packaging, waste disposal - these normal processes in the product industry all affect the environment on a larger scale.

A long-term sustainability plan and usage of sustainable materials are going to elongate the life of your business and reduce your footprint. So start thinking about how to optimize the raw materials you use in manufacturing and packaging and make better choices.

Improved brand image

Sustainability is something modern-day clients are looking for in businesses. Since people are trying to be more eco-conscious, the trend seems to be gaining more popularity than ever. 

So if you are not being tolerable of social injustice and are actively pursuing ideas to preserve the environment, people would be more drawn to buy from your business. And with that increased interest towards your brand and products, your brand image and reputation would also improve. 

Using sustainable materials shows you care. It presents you in a light that is favorable and gives you a strong competitive advantage. At the same time, it lowers transportation costs in the long term, stops resource depletion, and reduces product waste. 

Another reputational perk of switching to sustainability is it makes your company more attractive for workers and investors. People want to be involved in making a change in the world and work for reputable businesses that offer fair work conditions and care for the planet.

This huge boost in reputation from adopting sustainable practices and using sustainable materials increases your brand awareness. As a result, people start recognizing your brand and specifically look for your products.

To keep up the positive brand image, keep your promises. Stay loyal to sustainability and only make truthful claims for your business. Consumers will appreciate you and you will prosper.

Increase in eco-conscious consumers

The first thing clients notice when they see a product is what the packaging and the product are made of. After all, materials are an indicator of quality. And respectfully, quality is a purchase-driving factor in client decisions. But what materials could also indicate is if a brand is eco-friendly or not.

Keeping that in mind, using sustainable materials will grant you a competitive advantage with eco-conscious consumers. This is good news because environmental awareness is becoming a widely popular trend, which means more clients and more profit.

People who tend to support eco-friendly brands are often committed to influencing others. They are more inclined to post about you on social media, leave positive reviews, as well as recommend and promote your products for free.

Reduced costs

Another advantage of going green and using sustainable materials is reduced costs. You might think that sustainable packaging is more expensive than traditional and plastic packaging. But this is changing by the minute and there is barely any gap in the price point. 

Moreover, unlike conventional packaging, sustainable materials will save you a lot more money in the long run. That is because sustainable packaging is lightweight and optimized in size to reduce transportation costs. 

In addition, sustainable materials are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable. Those qualities allow businesses to use materials wisely and reduce expenses associated with unnecessary waste, material leftover disposal, and other manufacturing processes.

How to choose the right materials for your product?

To find the right sustainable materials for your product packaging, first, you need to understand and evaluate the properties of the materials you need in terms of functionality and durability. Then you have to determine how they would affect the integrity of your products and strive to match their size and design.

If you find it hard to determine your packaging needs, Packlion can consult you and help you choose the most appropriate materials, with the environment in mind. We are here to guide you as you take the first step towards sustainability. 

Are you ready to start your transformation with sustainable materials? Get in touch with our packaging professionals today. 

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