-          Your packaging will be made from carton stock made from 100% Post Consumer Waste Material. There will be no trees cut used for your packaging. Only recycled waste.

-          You can use the logo of this for your marketing activities

-          You can state at front of your audience that the packaging for your product is

-          Your packaging can be recycled again and again



-          Your packaging will not contain plastic or other materials than paper,  so if thrown properly after use, it will be fully recycled and reused.

-          Your packaging will be compostable either naturally or industrial. So it can naturally decompose 100% when thrown at the land or in the sea. Or it can decompose industrial if thrown as general litter.

-          Super non harmful to the nature even if its printed



-          Your packaging will be made from paper from known and regulated sources. There is a super strict chain of custody from the moment the tree is cut to the moment we fold your box, so all the involved parties know where the paper came from and who convert it to make your box.

-          Most probably the tree used to make the paper for your packaging has been already substituted with two more.

-          There would be at least 35% Post-Consumer Waste in the paper of your packaging

-          You can use FSC® logo on your packaging which is strong statement of your sustainable credentials and intentions



-          The carbon footprint for the production of your packaging will be offset in credit and the money will be invested in various green activities across the globe. More on



-          Your packaging would not contain any form of plastic. It can be recycled, decomposed (either naturally or industrial), reused.

-          It will never harm the nature as it will only contain natural wood fibers or PCW



-          Your packaging will be printed with inks which do not harm the environment and the atmosphere.

-          VOCs –there are no VOCs in the inks we use

-          UV inks – our inks are UV and these are not solvent base. This means there are no harmful evaporations in the athmosphere

-          HP Indigo inks – our digital inks are HP Indigo Inks, which are considered as eco-friendly